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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Thanksgiving weekend of fun

Thanksgiving weekend has been almost a total blast. I have gotten into the swing of my 6-week break by throughly partying with my old friends from back home. Among the activities we have been privy to are: dooby smokin', beer drinkin', and fun having.

Friday night was throughly enjoyable. Events at a post-thanksgiving party reminded me of my roots and good times with friends. To explain it all here would be tedious, but I will enclose a picture to illustrate my state.

Tonight was truly eye opening as we went to Gabe's sister's housewarming party. This was truly a multicultural event in which people from many different backgrounds were in attendance. I was given the opprotunity to meet and interact with people from another culture tonight. I also got high with them.

These funloving, Morrocans differ from us greatly. They believe in things like dancing, drinking,boxing, joking, and smoking pot. We had a truly splendid time at this location, as I am just returning, blazed. Well, better get to bed before I further incriminate myself.

P.S.: There is such a thing as too much White Castle. My digestive system is throughly upset with me. I plan to call 1(800)-THE-CRAVE to complain that they took the 6-pack sampler off the menu. The 6-pack was a delicious glimpse into the profound variety of the White Castle menu. I hope to turn some heads at White Castle HQ and show them how to stick to a good idea like they did with the crave case! This will be my second time calling White Castle.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Another reason not to watch professional sports

The NBA sunk to an inevitable new low last night as several players from the Indiana Pacers attacked innocent fans during a game. The incident started when the Detroit Piston's Ben Wallace attempted a layup and was excessively fouled by Ron Artest of the Pacers. Missing the shot, Wallace pushed Artest and a fight was soon underway. Moments later, coaches and officials separated the two combatants and order was apparently restored.

As Artest was resting immediately after the fight, a full beverage cup was thrown at him. Enraged, he charged up the bleachers. Accompanied by teammate Stephen Jackson, Artest climbed the stadium seats, punching anyone in his way. The event soon erupted in pandemonium as players from both teams rushed the stands. Police and security crews rushed to restrain the players but by that time they had injured over a dozen fans.

I don't need to remind you that while these players seem to have the mental capacity of children, they are strong, well trained athletes and they pack a punch. Few stand a chance against any of these athletes in a fight. Is this fair?

Once Artest was placed back on the court, he was approached by two other fans. Without question, he punched them both squarely in their faces. Enraged fans threw trash, cups, popcorn, ice, and even a chair onto the court in protest to this childish and reckless behavior.

This is being called the worst brawl in the NBA and it was bound to happen. NBA players, even more so than other professional athletes, are grossly overpaid, overrespected, and overrated. They are bred to care more about money, fame, and shoe contracts than the love of the game or sportsmanship. Professional basketball is the most watched sport by youth, is this a good example to set for them? Is this even entertainment? If you want to see a brawl, watch WWE Wrestling, at least innocent fans are not harmed.

These athletes get drunk with power and money and too often turn to drugs, crime, and violence to solve their "problems". They think of themselves as invincible, as Mr. Artest did, when he pummeled an unsuspecting teenager just trying to watch the game. Players, especially in the NBA, take advantage of this invincibility by raping, killing, shooting, and stealing whatever and whoever they want. This brawl last night was just another indication of their power, greed, and inhumanity.

NBA players have it made. They are paid millions of dollars a year to play a game that they are, not only talented in, but love to play. They are paid millions more for wearing a pair of shoes and starring in some commercials. Thanks to lax NBA drug policies, cokeheads and heroin junkies easily slip through the cracks. They drive the finest cars, live in the most lavish houses, and eat only the best food. Their life is one of luxury, excess, and waste. Thanks to all their "hard work", most are able to retire before the age of 30.

With all these things going for them, why must they act so childishly? It's a disgrace! Professional athletes should be ultimate sportsmen. These people are given everything for what they do; people idolize and admire them. What right do they have to be so wrong?

Like many other NBA players, Artest has a record of not following the rules. He has already been suspended several times for improper conduct, fighting, vandalism, and unexcused absences for games and practices. The NBA should terminate his contract. People who assault innocent bystanders have no place in professional sports. Had you been at this game, perhaps been involved in the brawl, would you want to go back? Would you feel safe? Sports are about enjoyment and entertainment. I hope they don't continue to slide. There is one good thing about professional sports: if nobody watches it, it will go away.

The AP article can be found here.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The final asignment I didn't turn in...

Course: ENG 305J
Instructor: DENBOW, HANNAH
Term: 2004 - 2005 Fall

Several of you failed to turn in the end of the quarter assessment,
turned in only part of it, or turned in the wrong assignment. This
assignment is clearly spelled out on the sheet I passed out last
week. Please check it and get me the correct assignment by the
deadline for all assignments on Thursday.

Jane Denbow

Message Sent: 06:18 11/16/2004

The original deadline for this project was Tuesday, but as you can see, nobody did it. Let this be a lesson to you, if nobody does the work, the professor will be powerless.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

W, Who's President?

It should come as no surprise. Only a week into his second term, Bush is again striving to fuck everything up. The other day Bush announced his plan to legalize and deregulate immigration from Mexico. If he succeeds, Mexican immigrants will be permitted to work in the U.S. and take up "undesirable" jobs that Americans just don't want to work. That's great, right? We won't have to work at Burger King or on the construction site anymore. The Bush administration is no longer openly encouraging job outsourcing, they're letting foreigners come here and take the jobs right out from under us.

Last I heard, we were in a job crisis. Unemployment is on the rise, and median income has decreased over the last 4 years. How does it make sense to open our borders to Mexico and let them work jobs that we don't have? The minimum wage in Mexico is less than $1/hour. Imagine how excited Mexicans will be to hear that they can legally work for 5 times that wage in America. There will be a tremendous influx of Mexican workers looking for jobs. Delighted, employers will profile and "affirmative action" these Mexicans so they can hire them at minimum wage. Employers who pay people $10/hour to work in a car wash will be delighted to liquidate their staff and hire all-new Mexican workers, eager to earn minimum wage.

The $5.15/hour minimum wage has the lowest buying power than it has ever had. Historically, the minimum wage has been raised every four years. It has been over 7 years since the minimum wage has been increased. It is by no means a living wage. Hell, the way the Bush administration is going, they'll probably lower minimum wage to help their corporate friends.

In defense of this plan, my roommate John (playing the devil's advocate) made the following point. Perhaps the corporations could afford to create more jobs, since they would be paying the Mexicans less. I answered him, "When was the last time a corporation ever did anything to help you out?" We all know that corporations only care about profit and return to shareholders. The American people don't fit into their goals.

Not only will this stunt mean unemployment for you and me, it will also mean that any shmuck can fly to Mexico, and cross the newly unregulated border, with drugs, bombs, or weapons. It won't be long before this porous border is the cause of the next 9/11. Mark my words.

To fight Bush's plan to give our jobs away, I would say write him a letter, but we all know he won't read it. And thanks to his Republican majority in Congress, any legislation Bush proposes is going to pass. I guess we're screwed.

For more information can be found at the link below.

Bush revives bid to legalize illegal immigrants

Monday, November 08, 2004


Well, the election has been over for long enough, I guess I'll contribute my two cents about it. In my opinion, it was sad that Bush won again. He is truly a terrible president and I wish there were some way to unseat the tyrant. Though Kerry was only a slightly better alternative, it was clear that he was the only one who had a shot at beating Bush. Kerry's loss is the result of two things.

1) The Democrats need to grow a pair. The Democratic party are quickly loosing ground. Despite the fact that they are looking out for a majority of Americans, Democrats are loosing to Republicans across the country. This is the result of the "Republican Noise Machine" basically the propaganda spilloff of Fox News and the Religious Right. These organizations are preaching Bush and his ilk as "the next Cicero" or "God's chosen president". A majority of Americans are so dumb that they actually believe this horseshit.

2) On the topic of religion, did anybody notice Ohio's Issue 1 and all the other referenda across the country attempting to ban gay marriage. These pieces of legislation are trivial and unnecessary. It is illegal for a man to marry another man in the United States, it always has been. The same goes for women. These state amendments have done nothing but state an already-true fact. Since they have no legal power, these amendments are simply discrimination against millions of Americans and a giant step backwards for civil rights, and the gay community.
If gay marriage was already illegal, why was it on the ballot?

I'll tell you why. The Republicans, who have done a truly remarkable job of distorting the truth and taking advantage of people's beliefs, worked to get this issue on the ballot for one reason. To get right-wing, evangelist groups to the polls so they could vote for this amendment and throw one in for ol' vagina (Bush) as well. This is why Bush won, this is how the Republicans managed to counter the millions of newly registered Democratic voters for the Kerry campaign.